“I’ve been using Zandeo Saddles for almost 10 years, and I will never buy anything else. These saddles are custom made to fit the rider and horse. I can happily recommend Zandeo Saddles for ultimate comfort and durability. Zandeo takes pride in their work and it reflects in their product and service.”

– Stoffel Bloem

“I have been riding in Zandeo Saddles since 2009 and I have done thousands of kilometres of both competitive and endurance riding as well as trail riding. My horses are consistently sound and I have received many compliments on how comfortable and free striding they appear. I love the fact that it places me in classical riding position that I can maintain for long periods of time without fatigue. Mr Badenhorst’s workmanship is of exceptional quality and durability making each saddle an individual work of art.”

– Dr E Prinsloo

“I received my saddle end of March 2018 and I am very satisfied. I have done two endurance rides with the saddle and it was very comfortable for my horse and I.

What I like most about the saddle is that it feels very similar to a dressage saddle yet it is light weight and my horse is happy with the fit.

Theus really puts in a lot of effort. He drove to where my horse is to see which tree fits my horse best. I could chose what my saddle would look like and which leather I prefer. I even received a bumnah as a gift.

I highly recommend him.”

– Bianca Riback

I was in the market for a new saddle but my heart was heavy because I was tired for the trail saddles that was available on the market. Although there are a variety of wonderful saddles available, each one of them had something that I would want different later on.

So I discovered Zandeo Saddles two years ago and secured an appointment with Theus.

Theus brought me examples of his saddles and it was exactly what I was searching for. A “trail” saddle which gives you depth in the seat with leg support like a dressage saddle, plus the stirrup leathers subtly hidden beneath the flaps. I was so excited. Theus was friendly and prompt, the product does not disappoint either. Two years of regular use and the saddle is still as comfortable as it was on day one. I could not ask for better.”

– Gerda Pienaar

In February 2017 I asked Theus to make me a saddle for my Nooitgedachter stallion. He is a short backed horse and I have found that the Zandeo saddles are great for the close coupled indiginous breeds of South Africa.

Theus makes all his saddles individually by hand. You can customise the saddle to your own taste. I asked for a horn and leather covered stirrups. I chose my saddle with brass busckles, but stainless steel is standard. What I like best of all, is that the saddle tree is made of carbon fibre so it is light and very strong with no warping.

The saddle has excellent wither clearance with a wide channel and no spine pressure at all.

In all the other types of saddles I had one or both legs go numb while I ride. I have never had this happen with the Zandeo saddle.  The Zandeo saddle is by far the most comfortable saddle for the long road.

Theus also offers very good after sale service.”

-Maret van Rensburg

Western Cape

“Zakouma National Park in Chad is a proud customer of Zandeo saddles. The park is managed by the organisation African Parks, and has 40 horses in the project that are used for anti-poaching patrols in the National Park. We contracted Theus Badenhorst in 2017 and 2018 to consult the horse management team in Zakouma and design saddles and saddle bags that suited the specific needs of the horses and guards in Zakouma. We were in need of a saddle that could be interchanged between horses, that was adaptable to the shape of the back of the specific horse. In addition to designing the saddles for Zakouma, Theus was also able to provide excellent horsemanship and hoof maintenance training for the horse management team.”

-Eva Reid

Zakouma National Park