About Us


At Zandeo Saddles when we say individually hand crafted we really mean it. Each and every saddle is meticulously hand made by myself from our home based in the quiet countryside of Mpumalanga in South Africa. We value quality craftsmanship above mass production, so even though it might take a little longer, quality is never compromised on. From the lamination of the saddle tree to the last stitch, attention to detail remains paramount.


It is by choice that Zandeo Saddles is a small operation. My wife and I have decided that a low stress and quality lifestyle is more important to us than “Making it Big”. My wife helps me with some of the production aspects and administration of the business. We keep a few horses and dogs and enjoy the company of our animals as part of the family.

We live according to the principle of ‘Less is More” and this is also reflected in the design of the saddles.

We value the relationships that we have built up with our clients over the years and it gives us great joy to be able to cater to our clients specific needs on a personal level. We also enjoy the friendships that have emerged from serving the needs of our clients and their horses.

We love getting feedback from our clients about their individual journeys with their horses .The saddles I make are a reflection of my openness to life and learning.

Thank you to each and everyone who has joined us on this exciting journey.