Introduction to Zandeo Saddles


It all started in 2009. I was doing a lot of endurance riding at the time and completed 3 Fauresmith 200km rides and some 100mile rides. My riding mentor at the time, rode in a German dressage saddle and commented that my seat would benefit from such a saddle. I argued that as a heavy weight rider I wanted a saddle with a larger area of weight distribution from the tree and panels than offered by that type of saddle. My mentor suggested that the ideal would be a hybrid saddle which offered the best elements of both types of saddle. After much research I decided to build a saddle based on the Iberian style since the mounted bullfighter has to maintain a deep balanced seat at all times and not restrict the movement of his horse.

The classical seat is a seat which in my opinion is facilitated by the balance of the saddle as well as the support offered by the knee rolls and the cantle. Imagine a rider on a horse and the horse suddenly vanishes from under the rider. If the rider was sitting in a classical seat, he or she would land on their feet and not fall forwards or backwards. From this position on the horse, the rider can negotiate fast turns, sudden stops or shying. The seat afforded by Zandeo Saddles is therefore secure without being restrictive.

So the very long design process started.

I decided I would build my own trees so that I would not be restricted in any way in my pursuit of the ideal saddle. Little did I know that this process would keep me busy for almost a decade before I would be satisfied.